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United Kingdom
Just a guy who likes lego, figures, art and music :3
So it's gunna be a while before I get back to the actual building of Druknarr but I might post up random journals like this with ideas in them.

I'm currently trying to decide whether or not to give him 2 functional arms with hands or one like that and another which is an integrated weapon of sorts.
There'll also be sketches 'n' scribbles of him up at some point.

I know the end decision is 100% up to me what happens with him but it's always neat to get some feedback before hand. Dunno why but it just is.
  • Listening to: Five Finger Death Punch - Cradle To The Grave
  • Reading: Evangelion Wiki (Evageeks)
  • Watching: Rebuild Of Evangelion
  • Playing: Crysis 2
  • Eating: Pie
  • Drinking: Tea


Barren Racer by Fenrek
Barren Racer
Another tablescrap mech which I decided to be a sort of racer mech.

The story of this mech is that in the future earth becomes one giant, barren desert and people use these retrofitted military mechs to race with. They streak across the lands at high speeds in no rules races where many people die by the environment or other racers.
Banshee Knight by Fenrek
Banshee Knight
With the extravagant headdress/horns and bulky style, the Banshee looks like a badass knight.
All he needed was his beam saber and shield.
There Can Only Be One! by Fenrek
There Can Only Be One!
Do you get the reference?

Now that I have both the original Rebuild Unit 01 and the Evolution Unit 01, they duke it out to see who is superior.
Obviously the Evolution one is.

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Hi, hope you are well and managed to pick up a new Striker or even Tacit Ronin if its out in your country.
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there was a moc trick i figure out that i want to show you…
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somehow I haven't added you to my watched list so now your on it :D
BecNoirLover599 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
is it me or whenever i find a MOC Maker on Youtube and/or DA that makes completely awesome and badass MOCs, they always come from or live in the UK! whats with that?
Fenrek Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Lol really?
I hardly know any UK mocers.
BecNoirLover599 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
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awesome mocs dude
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