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United Kingdom
Just a guy that likes lego, figures and music.
So I was perusing through YouTube and decided to see my very first videos to compare to my work now. Whilst on my channel I saw that I've passed 2,000 subs which is kinda odd but any who, here's a rundown of my current stats on various sites I'm on.

Joined: 05/09/2012
Deviations/Images Uploaded: 598
Watchers: 406

Joined: 25/03/2007
Videos Uploaded: 577
Subscribers: 2,041

Joined: 01/04/2012
Images Uploaded: 517
Followers: 203

Joined: 16/02/2012
Pages Created: 498
Followers: 395

I'm still not sure these numbers are right, I mean they are in the literal sense but I don't see how this many people would like my work.
Any who, thanks to anyone that's liked my work over the years. It's been awesome having lego as a set-off point and I've really loved being in various communities. It's also nice to know that even though I'm nowhere near as active as I was, people still like my work.

Go on, you know you wanna click it. You won't regret it :D
Rob Gasser & Raider - Ark (Restless Modern Remix) -…
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Rob Gasser & Raider - Ark (Restless Modern Remix)
  • Reading: Some romance slush (untitled)
  • Watching: Transformers Energon (Oldschool!)
  • Playing: HALO
  • Eating: CHICKEN!!!
  • Drinking: Fanta (Haha, my nose gets all fuzzy ^_^)


HALO 4 Series 3 by Fenrek
HALO 4 Series 3
If you guys didn't know, McFarlanes' HALO 4 series 3 is out, just got mine today. Too knackered to take a decent shot so here's right out the box.
This series includes Jul 'Mdama, Commander Palmer, Spartan Thorne and a Spartan Soldier.
NECA Pacific Rim Chibi's by Fenrek
NECA Pacific Rim Chibi's
Something that I forgot to post about some new NECA Pacific Rim stuff from the New York Toy Fair was that NECA is now making little chibi Jaegers and Kaiju. The top shot here is a still from the movie whereas the bottom is from the NECA display.

These images are not mine and come from a site (PRETERNIA.COM) as shown by the watermarks but it shows NECA is expanding the line by also making the small figures shown in the prologue and so they're not just neat little figures/statues to have but they also count as prop replicas in a way. The chibis' shown are Romeo Blue, Hardship, Karloff, Trespasser and Horizon Brave.
I have to get me that Horizon Brave, He's so chubby ^_^

(Also to note that there's a Hardship figure in the movie with Romeo Blue just the other side. I so want NECA to make a Hardship.)
Funko Evolve Action Figures by Fenrek
Funko Evolve Action Figures
The collectibles company Funko are making action figures from the awesome new game Evolve and calling it the "Evolve Legacy Collection"!
As exciting as this is, they're only about 6" (inches) and I was always hoping that if Evolve figures were made, we'd get these figures from a more appropriate business (NECA per say?) but I'm happy there will be Evolve figures and may pick up the Goliath when the time comes.
Grunts by Fenrek
Quite an old image that I only recently finished of my 3 HALO Reach Grunts out of the total 5 released.

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I just start with selecting a letter I want in the name or perhaps the sound I want the name to be like when spoken and come up with something quickly.
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