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Overlord Galaxus by Fenrek Overlord Galaxus by Fenrek
This moc is Overlord Galaxus and serves as the self moc for the builder Instant Noodles more well known over on MOCPages.
I was having another moc block and didn't know what to build, and then the iconic image of Galaxus' head design started to swirl around in my head. So that was all the inspiration I needed to do my own take on the iconic being.
This moc uses a few new techniques I've picked up recentley and also is another one to have a completley unique body/torso design. It's going to be one of those mocs I'm quite proud of but can't remember how it's built.
The lower arms and upper thighs are almost identical, albeit from about 1 alteration. The upper arms are completley new which are incredibly simple but also have a nice effect. I'm quite proud of the mid-leg section as the knee pad actually bends over with the knee and can hold it's position without flopping about. This is probably the first time I've made an enclosed knee joint that actually has armour that flows with it near perfectly.
I'm not at all happy with the feet but I couldn't think of anything else to do. They don't look bad at all but they're not what I wanted either.
I decided against weapons for this guy as everytime I thought of one it drew me to the many weapons the original Galaxus has and I didn't want to plagerise so I focused on the being itself without accessories. Making my own rendition of someone elses moc is one thing but identical weaponary is another.
Overal, I'm very happy with this guy, he uses newer techniques (for me) and defines some areas of my building. I hope Instant Noodles approves of my rendition.
Gale-OneOfMany Featured By Owner May 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This looks like a bigger, newer, and badasser version of Galaxus. Lovely work. 'Specially on that torso too, love how that looks. Those upper arms look nice too, but gosh dangit, I just came up with a very similar design and now I can't really use it, can I? XD Well done Fluff :)
GreyDogg Featured By Owner May 11, 2013
Amazing work Fen! As usual : P This is probably my favorite Galaxus redo on the web right now. I understand what you mean about the feet, but they really do look great here. Awesome job man : ) Keep up the good work!
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