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Bionicle MOC: Big Daddy by 3rdeye88

Time for another looky-loo at Daves Moc.

Well it's always great to see game mocs and BIOSHOCK is an epic game to get inspiration from. The classic character of the Big Daddy Bouncer is always the centrepoint of what mcoers try to do with lego Bioshock so it isn't anything neceserrily new here.

The overal impact upon seeing it is quite impressive as the moc itself and the whole layout/bakground seemlessly work together to create a great effect.
The background of rapture has also been indcluded here and the official BIOSHOCK logo also adds that little bit of authenticity that bring the whole presentation together so well done there.

Now to the moc itself.
There is alot of great npu all over this build from the foot designs to the the roll cage area, it's quite impressive. The inclusion of the Toa Metru canister lid as the dome is also quite inventive here but the sudden cut off with no coverings to the body makes it look a bit extended rather than flat against the body in a more fused way. I must also protest that it does look too large. Even though the dome piece is well used, it is out of scale. To make it fully work, the Bouncer must have a larger body.
The overal effect of the head area however is quite good and the eyes also are positioned well for the iconic multi-porthole design.
There are numerous tyres used here to obviously largen areas in an attempt to make the moce more bulky but I must admit that this is where it fails. It is infact too lean for the impression of the Bouncer but it is a good attempt at making it appear larger and a bulkier moc.
The body area fairs well overall but the limbs are the major let down of the moc. The simple fact that they are too thin and the legs give the moc a leaner more upright walking posture than the lumbering stance of the game Bouncer.
The drill being too small is forgiven as it's not exactly the easiest part to get in the right scale with this moc and custom made drills usually fail and look ghastly so it's good that Dave used the pre-molded drill here, even if it does look rather small.
The left arm could also do with some bulk, length and a larger fist.
The multiple shots here show that the moc also has decent articulation soit's good that it can infact be posed well without much of the moc limiting it's poseability.

Overall this moc has a great impact to begin with and this iconic character has been brought to life in this great piece, but upon further inspection the overal image is let down by the details.
I can admit this is one of the best BIOSHOCK mocs I've seen overal and it's always great to see the Big Daddy Bouncer so it's a good moc but I've seen better from Dave before.
I guess the restrictions of a pre-designed model (in this case the Bouncer) make limitations for mocers whereas our own designs usually fair better.
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1The-Messenger1 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
Finally, a fair critique from you! ;D
3rdeye88 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You know, I didn't even read this before I voted it fair. its from you so I trust it. That's the kind of report we've built with each other, at least that's how I regard what you have to say. :)

In regards to the presentation...:iconlaplz::iconyesssplz: YOU GET IT! Rapture background, Bioshock Logo, "cult of Rapture" font to spell BD's name. All that stuff goes into the presentation. I make a big deal about presentation in the BML, so as such I've felt I should be the best out there in regards to it. I take several extra steps in my editing to present the themes of the MOC.

In regards of what you said about the MOC itself. I think most of what you said is elaborated versions of what I said in the artist's descriptions. Though I disagree strongly that the tires are a bad call. Actually for the shape of his limbs and the fact that they need to give, which the ruber does, they were the perfect solution. The legs are actually fine I think its the lack of bulkiness and his more upright stature that makes them too big. I wasn't sure about the dome and all that part. I was actually thinking it was too small. If you look at this 3D model from the side you'll see that the dome isn't right against the bulk of the body. So I distended it from the body on purpose. I used this video mainly as my reference for the MOC. This and another video of him walking to see which way his arms and legs moved.
Overall, you're right about most of this stuff, in the big picture, yes its not perfect and could use some work, but given the limitations, I'd say its still on the mark.
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